Welcome to Unnaturally Simple!

I thought about starting this blog similar to what twitter suggests as your first tweet, namely, “This is my first blog! Hi!” But, after reading some other blogs, that may not be a great starting point.

Just setting up my twitter #firsttweet

– the world in 2011

I’ve been a long-time blog lurker. And by blog lurker, I mean that I have been reading other people’s blogs since about 8th grade (so about 10+ years), but I’ve never interacted with one, or tried to write my own. Since high school, I couldn’t really picture “putting myself out there” like other bloggers and influencers do, so this seemed out of the question.

To be honest, this blog came from an urge to find out how to ~naturally~ solve all of my life problems, assuming there is a natural or best way to solve them. I had questions about essential oils, chemical-free skincare, the best way to get a six pack (unrealistic, I know), and pretty much how to be super-human. As an average 20-something in denial about the fact that I’m not going to be young forever, I don’t think I’m alone on the adventure to finding a semi-charmed life.

Unfortunately, searching the internet for the answers to my life questions not only gave me possible solutions, but it also gave a million other articles debunking those solutions, and then another million negating THOSE solutions.

Ultimately, I was confused.

Confused about what to trust, but also confused about how to make sense of this information overload that Google provided me with. As a result, I ended up doing a LOT of research so that I could come up with my own best answer to my problems and test them out.

From getting lean or adding muscle to dealing with (very rude) adult acne or figuring out how to nourish my body and soul – I’ve dug through the interweb archives so that you don’t have to.

I essentially want to have a place to refer to for the answers I’ve stumbled upon, tested, and liked. So, why not keep that research in one neatly packed blog so that other (kinda) adults with the same burning questions can have some solace that they’re not alone.

Think of this blog as the spark-notes to Google – answering your questions about nutrition, fitness, and holistic health from the perspective of someone who also wants to figure out how to solve life’s problems without all the big words and added chemicals.

See you soon!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging, other kinda adult. 😉


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