25 Sustainable Health/Wellness Gifts

Whether you have a conscience and you want to be more eco-friendly this Christmas, you have a sustainable health/fitness/wellness guru that you want to buy a meaningful gift for, or you’re just looking to treat yo self, your search stops here.

Around the holiday season, I always start to notice the mass amount of waste that goes into showing those around you that you love them. For some reason, a holiday about being with your family has turned into a competition to see who can get the best gift. For me, it’s more about making someone feel like you know them well and care about them, regardless of a price tag. While giving homemade gifts or gifts from small businesses would definitely be the most sustainable option, you can still give gifts that help your friends and family live a more sustainable, eco-friendly life. If you’re buying for someone who is into living a holistic lifestyle and you’re like “what the heck is that??” read my last blog to learn more about what Holistic really means.

I’ve collected the top 25 sustainable/holistic holiday gifts for anyone on your list (click the item to skip to more info, or click the section title to skip to that section):


1. Compostable & Reusable Coffee Cups

Gone are the days when we can use single-use coffee cups and ignore the environmental impact they have on landfills and local waterways. Due to the plastic content in these single-use cups, less than 1% will be recycled (that’s crazy).

Made of Bamboo and corn starch, the Ecoffee cup is made of natural materials and can be added to your household compost in a couple of years when it has worn out. By crushing the cup and boiling the pieces in water, it will decompose over the course of 2 years – CRAZY!

Ecoffee Cup

$10 – Amazon

2. Plantable Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper is one of those things that can be an afterthought. Although reusing gift bags is a step in the right direction, garbage bags filled with non-recyclable gift wrap continues to be a holiday staple.

This gift wrap not only looks great, but is an additional gift that keeps on giving. Made 100% from recycled paper, it is embedded with 100s of wildflower seeds that will grow into flowers if the paper is planted in soil, creating a new life for your wrapping paper.

Gift Wrap that Grows

$15 – Amazon

3. Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable grocery bags have become the new norm with entire US states making laws either banning, or encouraging the reduced use of single-use plastic grocery bags. How funny is it that people use reusable grocery bags just to carry produce in plastic bags, in their reusable grocery bag.

Mesh reusable produce bags reduce single-use plastic waste, while also giving a storage solution for veggies that lets them breathe. Storing them in the reusable grocery bag you’re already bringing to the store makes them an easy addition to a low-waste life.

Mesh Produce Bags

$13 – Amazon

4. Reusable Cling Wrap & Storage Bags

Since we’ve been on the topic of reducing single-use plastic, I wanted to introduce a great sustainable starter kit. This kit includes reusable silicone bags to replace ziplock usage, Bee’s wrap to replace plastic cling wrap, and stretchy lids to make any bowl into tupperware.

Cling wrap and ziplocks are two of the main single-use kitchen items you may not think about, but have a large effect on the environment. Having the ability to reuse these items in a durable alternative is both cheaper and helps the environment.

Bee’s Wrap & Silicone ‘Ziplocks’

$28 – Amazon

5. Travel Reusable Cutlery

Not only are you supporting a small business by buying this set from SasstainableStore, but you are reducing the use of single-use plastic silverware. Carrying this nice little roll up sleeve of premium wood ‘silverware’ or cutlery is made easy by Sasstainable.

Created by a sustainable queen herself, this reusable set has everything you need for an on-the-go sustainable kit, including chopsticks, knife, fork, spoon, and a reusable straw with a straw cleaner. The attention to detail of including chopsticks and the straw/straw cleaner makes this set a clear choice in comparison to other reusable cutlery sets.

Wood ‘Silverware’ Set

$15 – Sasstainable

6. Sustainably Sourced Clothing/Sportswear

Another small woman-run business, TALA takes recycled materials from plastic bottles and turns them into cool, size-inclusive activewear and clothing. Making an impact on the environment and factory conditions, the clothing is fairly priced for the lengths that TALA goes to ensure leaving the lowest environmental impact possible.

Because they are a leader in this field, they release their clothing in launches that sell out fast. Keep an eye on their Instagram in order to find out when their next activewear drop is. Keep in mind with a small business, it is hard to consistently stock clothing due to funds and inconsistent demand – expect TALA to be continuously stocked in the near future, but not yet.

TALA Activewear

$30-80 – TALA Instagram


7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils can be good for your mood, your sinuses, helping with sleep, and creating more humidity during dry winter months. Depending on the essential oils you use, you can choose which effect you like the most, or just diffuse so your room smells good.

This diffuser allows auto shut-off with a timer so you don’t overdo the essential oils, all while not interrupting the flow of your space due to it’s design and added lights that change color. There are a couple of color options that differ the price minimally so you can match the space it is going in.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

$32 – Amazon

8. Essential Oils

This essential oil pack comes with the everyday basics that I constantly use: Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Frankincense, and Orange. Peppermint can be used to wake the senses, while Lavender can help relax you. Eucalyptus helps clear sinuses and Tea Tree boosts immunity.

Essential oils can be used in your diffuser, topically (please google topical uses as you need to dilute the oil to not irritate your skin), or added to your shower/bath to produce the benefits per the oil you are using – making them a great all around gift.

8pc Aromatherapy Set

$19 – Amazon

9. Soy/Vegan Candles

Many average market candles have so many chemicals in them that you have never heard of, but we all seem to ignore this because they smell great. The thing is, we’re choosing to INHALE chemicals. This small business creates soy, vegan, handmade candles that you can feel confident are not damaging your body.

If you’re going to gift a Yankee Candle, or a Bed Bath and Beyond candle, think about supporting small businesses instead that have your long-term health in mind, no matter how tempting the chemical-made smells are.

100% Soy Candles

$16 – Kate Flowers Candles

10. Self-Care Subscription Box

Cycled and delivered with every New Moon, this subscription box rotates through sending plants, crystals, sage, bath salts, journals, coloring books, and other self-care necessities. Each box comes with new surprises, making the box more fun to open. Check out past boxes to see what they’ve included before.

You’re able to buy a one month or three month subscription, so you don’t have to worry about cancelling a recurring payment before it comes and you can send someone you love a care package that you know will be packed with self-care essentials.

Lunarly Box

$40 for 1 month – Lunarly

11. Natural Wake-Up Alarm Clock

Waking up to the annoying beeping of your alarm on your phone or an analog clock may do the job, but this interrupts your REM cycle and can make you feel more tired throughout the day.

This alarm clock uses a slow rise in color and brightness to simulate waking up to the sunrise which can be accompanied by sounds. This helps slowly pull you out of sleep and feel more awake when you finally wake up naturally to the brightened light. It also simulates sunsets and includes sounds like birds chirping, so you can use it to relax at the end of the day.

Prismtec Sunrise Alarm Clock

$40 – Amazon

12. Brightening Skin Care Set

If you’re an internet guru, you’ve probably heard of Mario Badescu’s rose-water spray that every influencer *loves* but you may not have heard of the other great products this brand offers.

Mario Badescu came out with an array of different holiday sets that have a collection of the best products they have bundled at a discounted price. They have everything from brightening to acne-focused sets that make this an easy buy for a range of people.

Mario Badescu Brightening Set

$38 – Macys


13. Unique Plants

Buying plants in person as a gift is hard because you have to make sure to take care of them until you decide to give them. The sill makes plant delivery easy and picking the right plant for you or the person you’re gifting to even easier.

By categorizing plants as ‘beginner’ and sending the plants in a pot, The Sill really did monopolize the one-stop-shop approach to online plant shopping. If there’s a black thumb among us, they also offer realistic looking fake plants so theres no worry about whether the plant will make it from Christmas to New Years.

The Sill

$50+ – The Sill

14. Tabletop Herb Garden

If the person you’re buying for is an avid home-cook, they probably spend too much buying plastic-packaged unreasonably-priced herbs from the grocery store. An Aerogarden creates a sustainable way to produce at-home herbs in a small kitchen, while also making you feel like a true gardener, without the work.

This Aerogarden comes with seeds, an LED light, and an indicator that tells you when to water, really making this the fool-proof planter that gives no excuse for dying plants.


$100 – Amazon

15. Air Plants (For the Black-Thumb in Your Life)

Plants are pretty hard to keep happy and depending on the houseplant, their needs differ and they can be finicky. Air Plants take all of the difficulty out of keeping houseplants considering all they really need is air (and a spritz of water every now and then).

Ordering them from amazon, they guarantee live arrival (a must for plants) and they include only mature plants, meaning they are 4-10 inches already when they arrive. You can give them as-is, or set up a terrarium, hanging plant, or DIY an air plant decor piece.

Air Plants

$22 – Amazon

16. Plant Grow Light

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, there’s a small chance you get the correct amount of sunlight for your plants. There may even be only one corner of the place that actually gets the perfect amount, but maybe the plant doesn’t fit there or can’t go there – does that mean you’re stuck with only low-light plants?

An LED Plant Grow light emulates the sun and gives plants the correct amount of light throughout the day by using a timer. This gives the freedom to keep plants anywhere they look good, while providing them with the light that they need.

LED Grow Light

$30 – Amazon

17. Live Eucalyptus Subscription

Buying freshly cut eucalyptus was just made much easier. Baby Blue Eucalyptus, grown in California, is an added decor piece to your home and can even be dried and kept long-term since they are delivered live.

You can either buy a year subscription and send fresh Eucalyptus once a month, or buy a single month supply and let the receiver know that they can dry the Eucalyptus out and use it as a staple decor piece.

Eucalyptus Farms

$12/month – Eucalyptus Farms

18. Plant Pots

Most houseplants need to be repotted every year and that can get expensive as time goes on. Ideally, you want to be repotting your plants into larger pots if you’re expecting them to grow.

The problem I always have is that local garden stores have a minimal selection of the correct size pot in a color or design that I like. Enter: Terrain, a plant pot store that has many different designs and sizes from XS to XXL to feed any plant addiction you or your friends/family have. They have anything from vertical structures to tabletop pots.


$10+ – Terrain


19. Smart Watch

The Garmin Smart Watch has been a huge hit with avid runners as it more accurately tracks run distance, speed, and mile splits. Unlike other strictly-fitness watches, the Garmin acts as a real smart watch, giving the ability to use Garmin Pay, and monitor your heart rate.

Since the Apple Watch has a scary price tag, this is a great alternative for people who really see a smart watch utilized best for fitness, but like the option of additional features by downloading apps or connecting with your phone.

Garmin Smart Watch

$117 – Amazon

20. Running Belt/Fanny Pack

If you’re a runner, you know. If you’re not, then you may not understand that carrying your phone feels like a ten pound weight starting around your second mile. I’ve shoved my phone in my sports bra, in my leggings, and even tried a phone sleeve for my arm, but nothing is comfortable, it always moves around and it is hard to access on your arm. The running belt gives an easy access place to store your phone so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of your pocket or constantly readjusting it to stay lodged in your clothing.

UShake Running Belt

$11 – Amazon

21. Resistance Bands

Resistance training and resistance bands have made their presence known in the last few years with glute activation becoming the new trend and big butts being a goal rather than a flaw. The same woman who started TALA, also started a resistance band company long before TALA named B_nd.

These resistance bands are made to last and made of fabric so they don’t slip up or down your legs and avoid ripping. They come in many different colors and ‘weights’ and even include an online workout guide when they are purchased.


$50 – B_nd

22. Adjustable Dumbbells

There are many different versions of adjustable dumbbells and to be honest, the prices vary A LOT. ATIVAFIT offers a lower budget option that is just as heavy as the rest (lol). Buying a whole set of weights is not only heavy to delivery and carry, but also bulky to store in your home, especially in an apartment.

Owning weights and being able to do workouts in the comfort of your own home can encourage you to workout more often and do workouts that you may be scared to try in public. Either way, adjustable dumbbells are a smaller (but better) alternative to free weights.


$75 – Amazon

23. Class Pass Subscription

Class Pass is an easy option for fitness beginners and hopefuls, especially with the New Year’s Resolution craze right around the corner. Class Pass offers the option to attend many different types of gyms and classes all under the same subscription, using a point system. At the beginning of a month, you get a certain amount of points depending on your subscription type and you spend them on classes and gym access without being tied to one gym.

Class Pass

$15/mo+ – Class Pass

24. Yoga Mat

Honestly, who doesn’t want a new yoga mat? I know when I started doing yoga, I bought the cheapest mat I could find because, well, what’s the difference?

After one hot yoga class, I KNEW the difference. A non-slip yoga mat is a MUST and a carrying bag definitely helps. These mats are a little bit thicker for those who struggle with sore elbows, wrists, and knees after their class.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

$26 – Amazon

25. Pre-Made Smoothies

Most fitness buffs are too busy meal-planning and actually working out to also spend time prepping their own breakfast every morning. I mean, how many people do you know eat a protein shake or smoothie every morning because it’s easy?

Daily Harvest makes it even easier by sending cups with all of the ingredients prepared for smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, and much more. By using organic ingredients that are specifically selected, you have a brand (& smoothie) you can trust.

Daily Harvest

$75 for 9 smoothies – Daily Harvest


If you’ve made it this far and you’ve actually read the whole thing, THANK YOU! This took a surprising amount of research to create because I wanted to bring you actual information (in addition to my own thoughts) about the things that I either want, already have, or have thought about asking for.

Leave a comment below if you think I’ve left an INTEGRAL health/fitness/wellness gift off this list because, well, I’m curious!

(note: this post is supported by some affiliate links which allow the company you buy from to give me a small percentage of their earnings if you click and buy through one of the links above at no additional cost to you. All opinions and product recommendations are my own and having an affiliate link does not affect the items I list – I just really love amazon tbh.)

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