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social distancing

Social Distancing: How the Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Being “stuck” at home during a global pandemic can bring on a lot of negative thoughts. It can make you feel like all of the progress you were making in life came to a standstill all at once. At first, I went through a denial stage that let me hold onto the thought that this was a short-term situation. I soon was overwhelmed by an unforeseen lifestyle change due to social distancing. Shifting my mindset came from an accidental run-in with that warm, fuzzy, content feeling while doing something that seemed mundane to me and that set me off on a course for positive change.

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Habit Hacking: Creating a System of Trust in Yourself

Have you ever told yourself that you wanted to start creating “good habits?” Even though I know I’m interested in creating habits, I still have a pretty easy time giving them up. I’ve questioned to myself whether I give up easily because I’m lazy or unmotivated, but I recently realized it’s because I’m setting unrealistic goals for myself that I’m not likely to follow through on. That’s the real key – figuring out how to find your follow through.

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The Anti-Diet Approach to Healthy Eating – Upgrade Your New Year’s Resolution

Let’s talk about dieting. Your ‘diet’ should just be about what you eat every day, not what you’re eating to lose weight or be skinny. I am a firm believer that ‘dieting’ is what causes us to lose track of healthy eating in the first place. With the onset of New Year’s Resolutions at this time of the year, you couldn’t be given a better example of this.

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3 Mindset Shifts to Help You Grow

I recently started investing more and more time into myself every day. I started listening to what my body and my mind need, focusing on what makes me feel good, and aiming toward a life where I make myself happy and others add to that happiness rather than define it. This all started from a cycle I felt stuck in almost two years ago.

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What is Holistic Living & How Do I Do It?

When I first started reading into holistic living, it really just seemed to me that it meant going to yoga, drinking smoothies, using essential oils, and owning a bunch of succulents. Now, I realize that yes, those are definitely things that can be useful to your well-being, but that isn’t the core focus of living a holistic lifestyle.

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Natural Solutions to Your Adult Acne

I was looking for a resolution that healed my acne and worked through the root cause rather than temporarily ‘fixed’ it. That’s when I learned about Holistic health and wellness and started to dig my heels in.

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Welcome to Unnaturally Simple

Hello & welcome to Unnaturally Simple, a blog centered around finding the ~natural~ solution to common problems like adult acne, fitting pizza into your ‘diet,’ an approachable long-term mindset on fitness, and much more!

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